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Artful, thoughtful, wonderful!

At Indi Dust, we're not just consultants; we're artists, strategists, and change catalysts. We collaborate with visionaries who are committed to shaping a better future. With our strategic vision and artistic perspective, we bridge the gap between ideas and impact, turning narratives into captivating visual stories that inspire change.

Meet Indi, the creative force behind Indi Dust

With a colourful mosiac of career highlights spanning startups, government entities, not-for-profits, and corporate giants, Indi has honed her unique abilities as a communicator, community builder, and marketing maven.


Having clocked up a decade of experience in global advertising agencies across Europe, Latin America, and Australia, she's since worn various hats – from company director and chief storyteller to technology entrepreneur and adventure blogger. This diverse background has instilled in her a profound understanding of how to use strategy and design as forces for positive change.


Indi's fascination with storytelling led her to co-found and launch two technology businesses, connecting people through shared narratives and building purpose-driven communities. Armed with the power of creativity and community building, she has been on a mission to make the sustainable path the easy path. Through her blogs, strategies, and sketchnotes, Indi's stories intertwine data and logic with heart and emotion, igniting ideas and fuelling transformation.


At the heart of Indi Dust lies the belief in the transformative power of visual storytelling. Indi's background in marketing, communications, technology and community leadership is woven into the fabric of Indi Dust's offering. With a passion for crafting vibrant visual stories that captivate and inspire, Indi empowers organisations and leaders to communicate their visions with creative clarity.


Indi's journey has been one of exploration, curiosity, and a commitment to making a difference and she challenges herself, with every pencil stroke to stretch what's possible in strategic visual communication.

Let's connect

If you've got a story or an event that you'd love to bring to life, drop me a line at and we can setup a discovery session.

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