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Bring your strategy to life

Simplify complexity with visual narratives that empower and align stakeholders

Amplify your vision through visual strategy

At Indi Dust, we possess a unique talent for amplifying strategies and creating compelling visual narratives that bring your vision to life. Our innovative approach combines strategic thinking, smart technology and visual storytelling to help organisations and individual leaders communicate ideas, plans and aspirations with clarity.

We are passionate about bringing your strategy to life using the transformative power of visual storytelling. Through our strategic illustrations, we infuse creative energy into your strategies, plans, processes, and models. From captivating infographics to visionary roadmaps, we amplify your strategic vision and ignite the imaginations of your audience.

No more 'death by PowerPoint'


Get a Visual Strategy in 5 steps

  1. Book a discovery chat

  2. Receive creative brief

  3. Concepts shared

  4. Chosen concept refined

  5. Finished art shared

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Our fees are project-specific, tailored to the content and complexity, starting from $1800 +GST for a 1-page illustration. We work closely with you to ensure that our illustrations capture the essence and match the ambition of your vision.

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